Art thou pale for weariness of climbing heaven and gazing on the earth, wandering companionless among the stars that have a different birth, and ever changing, like a joyless eye that finds no object worth it's constancy? Thou chosen sister of the Spirit, that gazes on thee til in thee it pities. . . -Shelley (To The Moon)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sonnet Anais

Wildnerness. It's everywhere I look. We may think sometimes, that we are apart from wildnerness, in the way we live by the invention of clocks. The sun, though, is wild. The rain is wild. Love and sleep are wild. If you love, you love wildly. How else? How else?

The above painting is The Dream by Le Douanier Rousseau, and on the right is Untitled by Marcel Dzama.

The way a fantasy swims around my head

I think I'll drown for tender, yearning dreams

that never die, 'til he brings me to bed,

and every gasp is sent down full blood streams.

I'm constant, gorging on my plans to ruin

his ordered life and sense for blind romance.

I trust Anais for the tactics strewn

across his mind; a wild electric trance.

I, naturally, want the timing perfect,

but the stress of execution is profound.

Pursual's weak and clumsy, I reflect.

The only way it works is without sound.

When bodies, though, are lead to be unbound,

too many minds are left alone, confound.


  1. An astonishing combination of verse and pictures. I tried to track where you had found the pictures, having recognised the first as by Le Douanier Rousseau. I did manage to find them but can't work out how you did! All three have a sheen of mystery, to be pondered on for some time! Thanks

  2. Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoy it. I made a link to "Marcel Dzama". If you scroll over his name you'll see.

  3. I saw a portrait of The Beatles in a book I have back home in Newfoundland that was done in the exact same style as "The Dream". Obviously couldn't have been him though seeing as how he died in 1910. I'll have to find out who it was; it's a pretty neat painting.

  4. Aha! Found it. Okay not the exact same style, but The Dream definitely reminded me of it. I guess it's probably a style of painting in general.